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There are a number of interesting questions asked about muzzleloaders. Some of these can be methodically studied, and some are solely a matter of "Art".

This web page is devoted to black-powder and muzzleloading experiments and topics related to the physics of black powder shooting. A number of people, both past and present, have looked at these, but I couldn't resist some tinkering of my own. I will include both data of my own and links to other experimeter's sites.

If anyone has material they want to add to this collection, please email the webmaster.

Safety Issues

Barrel bulge Why Can a Short-started Ball Cause a Barrel Bulge?
Static sparks Can a Static Electricity Spark Set Off Black Powder?

Loading, Loads and Lubes

Accuracy What Is The Best Way To Measure Accuracy?
Accuracy Another website about accuracy!
Accuracy Free, downloadable targets.
Cast ball How Accurately Can a Ball Be Cast?
Compression Pic How Does Load Compression Affect Shooting?
Honey Bee Honey As a Patch Lubricant?
Corrosion Which Muzzle-loading Lubricants/Lubes Have Good Anti-corrosion Properties?
Corrosion II Which Other Muzzle-loading Lubricants/Lubes Have Good Anti-corrosion Properties?

Black Powder and Other Propellants

Berthold Schwartz From Switzerland, An Excellent Web Page About Black Powder Composition
Burning powder How Fast Does Black Powder Burn?

Locks, Ballistics and the Physics of Firing

Ballistic curve A Round Ball Ballistics Calculator
Round ball ballistics web application A Round Ball Ballistics Web Application
Shotgun ballistics web application A Shotgun Ballistics Web Application
New! 31 March, 2016!
Parlor pistol Parlor Pistol Ballistics
Bullet crossbow Ballistics of a Bullet-Shooting Crossbow

Construction, Restoration and History

Mainspring What Is The Best Way To Temper A Mainspring?
Manton V-Pan Lock Building a Manton V-Pan Lock
Underhammer Guns A Reader's Contribution - Underhammer Guns
Handgonne A Reader's Contribution - The First Gun

Experimental Guns

Electrically Fired Rifle An Electrically Fired Black Powder Rifle
Electrical Ignition of Gunpowder The Electrical Ignition of Gunpowder
Breechloading Flintlock A Breechloading Flintlock Pistol!
Modular Muzzleloader A Modular Black Powder Pistol
Modular pistol construction Construction Of The Modular Pistol
Plink-King Rifle The Plink-King Rifle
New! 21 July, 2014 - Follow-ups.
Lorenzoni-Girandoni Pistol The Lorenzoni-Girandoni Repeating Pistol