Round Ball Ballistics Web Application for Muzzleloaders

Ballistic web app

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NOTE: This web app requires a modern browser with JavaScript enabled - this includes almost all browsers, but in case yours doesn't work, you might download Chrome - a first-rate and fast browser from Google. The application opens in a pop-up window, so if your browser doesn't show it, make sure pop-ups are not being blocked. If you have any other problems or suggestions, please email me here.

The Window

Web App Window

When the program starts, this window appears. On the top are all of the variables you can change:

You will notice that as you enter a caliber, the ball weight is automatically calculated, based on the weight of a sphere of that size made from pure lead. If you want to change the weight, just do it, although the value will change back again if you change the caliber. Also, if you change altitude, the temperature will change to reflect the normal reduction in ambient temperature as you go higher. As with the weight, the temperature can be changed as you wish. Note that all entries have some built-in limits, and if you exceed them you will get an error message in the window.

After you have made your changes, clicking the 'FIRE' button will start the simulation. The results are shown in tabular form in the lower window. If they get jumbled up, just increase the window size a little. The data shown are:

Getting hard copy

If you want to print out the results or see them in a spreadsheet, there are a couple of ways to do it. Most web browsers will print the visible contents, but if you want a print-out of all the data, it is easily copied to a word processor or note pad. Simply click in the window containing the data and select the data to be copied; holding the 'ctrl' key and then pressing 'a' will select everything (called a [ctrl]a). You then copy the selection ([ctrl]c) and in an open word processor page, such as the 'Notepad' or 'Wordpad' just paste it in ([ctrl]v).


I have lengthened the reporting intervals so the list is not so long. If anyone thinks the old one was better, please let me know. I have also reduced the minimum caliber so it accommodates down to #12 shot.

More Information

More technical information can be found of the main ballistics web page.

Of Interest To Programmers

This web application was written in Dart - a new language specially designed for advanced web applications. The computer code was then automatically translated into JavaScript, which the page actually runs.

Hope this helps everybody's shooting!