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Target Target

This is a collection of targets which I have built up over several years. They were all drawn by the author in Adobe Illustrator and are free from other copyrights. Some of the targets are based on official specifications, but none of them are 'official' as such. If you right-click on the image of the target you want, it can be saved as a '.pdf' file, which can then be printed. I have found that the best paper for targets is the cheapest - a good rag paper will not tear and perforate properly; some printers may be able to handle thin pasteboard or construction paper, which is better yet.

If anyone has copyright-free targets that they wish to contribute to this page, please contact me here. Also, please let me know if there are any corrections to these or suggestions for other printable targets.

Targets for muzzleloaders

NMLRA postal match target

This target is based on the postal match target which appears in the NMLRA magazine "Muzzle Blasts". It is not the official target but can be used for practise.

Large X sight-in target

A target with a large 'X' in a grid of 1" boxes. This one is good for muzzleloaders because it is easy to see through a large sight.

Sight-in target with cross, large dot and 1

Also good for muzzleloaders, this one has a large dot at the center on a 1" grid.

Targets for Airguns

Airgun NRA 10m target

'Official' NRA 10 meter airgun target.

Airgun slow file

Airgun target, scaled from 50 foot international slow fire pistol. This one is good practise for bullseye pistol shooting (if you have a semi-auto airgun).

Airgun timed fire

Airgun target, scaled from 50 foot international timed and rapid fire pistol.

Airgun silhouette target

Airgtun target, scaled to 10 meters, representing silhouette animals at 50 yards.

Airgun 7 meter, 5-bullseyes

Airgun 7 meter target with five bulls eyes

Airgun 7 meter, 10 bullseyes

Airgun 7 meter target with 10 bulls eyes

International pistol (Bullseye pistol)

International pistol slow fire

International pistol slow fire target for 50 feet.

International pistol timed & rapid fire

International pistol timed and rapid fire target for 50 feet.

Rimfire benchrest targets

Benchrest rimfire 50 yard - 5 bullseyes

Fifty yard rimfire benchrest target with five bullseyes. Although their arrangement is different, these rimfire benchrest targets have the same size bullseyes and scoring rings as the official targets.

Rimfire benchrest 50 yard 15 bullseyes target

Same as the above, but with three courses of fire.

Rimfire 50 yard benchrest target scaled to 40 yards - 5 bullseyes

Benchrest rimfire target for 40 yards. These are identical to the 50 yard targets but are scaled down to be shot at 40 yards.

Scaled 40 yard benchrest rimfire target - 15 bullseyes

Benchrest rimfire target for 40 yards for three courses of fire.

Sight-in targets

Sight-in target - simple cross and hollow dot.

This one is better for optical sights.

Small dot and cross on 1

Sight in target with small dot and cross on 1" grid. This one is good for group testing and calculating the circular error probable (CEP) measurement of accuracy.

Five spot target for general sight-in or shooting

This is a general five spot target for sight-in or just for fun shooting.

Targets for group size and accuracy testing

Quarter inch dots in one inch circle.

This is a set of quarter-inch dots inside a one inch circle. This, and the following targets are good for benchrest-type precision testing.

Five 1cm dots on a centimter grid (CEP testing)

Here are five, 1cm dot targets in a 1cm grid pattern. This is good for very precise CEP testing.

Twelve 1cm dots in 1cm grids

For those who are better shots or who don't want to retrieve the target so frequently...

Twenty 1cm dots in 1cm grids

Like the one above, but even more of them...