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2003 Shoot - Rules & Scores

The proposed rules for the 2003 shooting season are:

  1. Cap or flint rifle with round ball.
  2. Shooting is offhand, using iron sights, not to be adjusted during shoot.
  3. Rifle ranges of 25, 50 and 100 yards.
  4. Entry fee of $1.00 per position.
  5. Reentry fee of $0.50.
  6. Shoot all three targets to be entered into aggregate.
  7. Single-shot flint, percussion or Cap and Ball Pistols at 25 yards.
  8. Black Powder cartridge pistols at 20 yards.
  9. Top four months score for each shooter will be averaged for the annual top shooter in each category.
  10. Shoots will start at 10:00 AM.
  11. The range officers descision is final.
  12. The targets will be announced at each shoot.
  13. Five shots per target.
  14. Club rules, NMLRA rules apply, in that order.

The targets and scores for the shoots were:

April 13

An absolutely beautiful day. Over a dozen shooters showed up, and we had to use two relays. As you can see, the competition was heated.

May 18

Another good day for shooting, but many were away at the SSA

June 15

A beautiful Father's day, and the fathers were out shooting...

July 20

An absolutely sparkling day but few shooters showed up. Perhaps it was a day for the families instead...

No pistol shoot this time.

August 17

Another great day, with a number of shooters, old and new.

No pistol shoot this week.

September 21

Again, a good turnout, and some good shooting.

October 19

Could have been a better day, but still a good turnout.

November 16

A great turnout for the club championship and turkey shoot! A great day as well.

December 21

A beautiful day and a huge turnout for the last official shoot of the year. Everybody had fun at the "Christmas Tree" shoot and the turkey shoot, and with the blanket prizes, everyone went home a winner.

The Pattagausset Muzzleloaders wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you for our first official shoot in the New Year, the "Rusty Bore" event in April.

Happy New Year!!

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