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2002 Shoot - Rules & Scores

The proposed rules for the 2002 shooting season were:

  1. Cap or flint rifle with round ball.
  2. Shooting is offhand, using iron sights, not to be adjusted during shoot.
  3. Ranges of 25, 50 and 100 yards.
  4. Entry fee of $1.00 per position.
  5. Reentry fee of $0.50.
  6. Shoot all three targets to be entered into aggregate.
  7. Top four months score for each shooter will be averaged for the annual top shooter in each category.
  8. Shoots will start at 10:00 AM.
  9. The range officers descision is final.
  10. The targets will be announced at each shoot.
  11. Five shots per target.
  12. Club rules, NMLRA rules apply, in that order.

The season began with our pre-shoot dinner, where the trophies for the last year were presented.

Don Klubek and Stephen Wardlaw collected the lion's share of trophies.

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Dinner Trophies Don Wardlaw

The targets and scores for the shoots were:

April 14

May 19

This was a bright and sparkling day, but with an annoyingly variable wind which didn't help the 100 yard scores...

June 16

The day drizzled a little, but the shooters all had fun, and we uncovered new pistol shooting talent.

July 14

A sparkling day, but many were elsewhere....

August 18

Hot, humid and in the middle of a bad drought, but we had quite a turnout, including some prospective members.

September 15

The rain held off...

October 13, a woods walk and turkey shoot

Sloppy weather again...

November 17

A drizzle and wind made the club champion shoot even more exciting...

Final Club Championship Standings

This is the championship shoot score plus the average of the four best monthly scores.

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