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2001 Shoot - Rules & Scores

The rules for the 2001 shooting season were:

  1. Cap or flint rifle with round ball.
  2. Shooting is offhand, using iron sights, not to be adjusted during shoot.
  3. Ranges of 25, 50 and 100 yards.
  4. Entry fee of $1.00 per position.
  5. Reentry fee of $0.50.
  6. Shoot all three targets to be entered into aggregate.
  7. Top four months score for each shooter will be averaged for the annual top shooter in each category.
  8. Shoots will start at 10:00 AM.
  9. The range officers descision is final.
  10. The targets will be announced at each shoot.
  11. Five shots per target.
  12. Club rules, NMLRA rules apply, in that order.

The targets and scores for the shoots were:

April 15

April Shoot April Shoot Looking at the scores, it seems that our aim is as rusty as our bores... Here are pictures from the April shoot. Click on them to see a larger view.

May 13

June 17

This shoot is a tribute to the hardy souls who attended. Tropical Storm Allison dumped over four inches of rain that day - but it didn't hurt the scores! Good going!

July 15

August 19

We had quite a crowd this weekend, and two new shooters, John Oliver and Tom Bogart, came close to running away with everything. We hope to see them at the next shoot.

September 16

It was a gloriously beautiful day and a well-attended meet, with several potential new members scoring very well.

October 14 - The Trailwalk & Turkey Shoot!

The weather was dank and dull, but the shooters were sharp and the food was great!

November 18 - The Club Championship!

The scores for this shoot were:

Overall Year's Scores (November + average of last four months).

December 14 - The Toys For Tots Blanket Shoot

It was a beautiful sunny day for this last official shoot of 2001!
The top scores were extremely close, and everyone who participated was a winner. The scores for the blanket shoot were:

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